Fall Tennis

I am not much of a tennis watcher, but today I made an exception and went to watch my niece "E" play high school doubles. The match was interesting with the ball going back and forth more than once or twice, and some very well timed volleys, and both teams making the most points with well-placed shots which, for me, makes tennis interesting.

After the game, we ate a quick late lunch at Cafe Rio, where E informed us during lunch that she had scored a 31 on her ACT test as she headed off to her night job at an Oriental restaurant. She is a whip-smart young woman with a good head on her shoulders and a bright future.

After lunch, we went to the grand opening of an ice cream shop that another niece "M" manages while attending a local university. She impressed me with her knowledge of the makings of ice cream.

I said, "Once I left out a full quart of ice-cream on top of the freezer in the garage. The next day I found a half full container of goo." A brief lecture on butterfat and overrun schooled me on the difference between premium and superpremium ice cream.

"Uncle," she said, "that would be right because overrun in store-bought ice-cream is 100 + percent, which is the amount of air whipped into your ice-cream during the mixing process. Half that quart of ice-cream was air." She smiled. I felt cheated: ice-cream even store-bought ice-cream is expensive. She is a dazzling young woman that wants to be a CPA.

I am fortunate to belong to a big family of over forty nieces and nephews and many more than a hundred great nieces and nephews and some great great nieces and nephews. Including these two choice young women "M" and "E".